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Crafted Gin

Quokka is the name of the world's happiest animal. Bringing you the first limited batch of happiness. Get yours

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Join the Spirit of Happiness

Quokka is a new premium gin of London for London. Named after the happiest animal in the world, Quokka believes in Optimism, Positivity, Kindness, Gratitude, and Empathy. “That moment in the day when you can take a break, push things aside, and relax at the moment- Pour yourself a Quokka gin and celebrate the life we have together and all the good we can do for each other”. At Quokka, we encourage people to smile more!


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Easy to drink

An easy-to-drink gin created to make you happy, a gin to make you smile. A gin to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, with friends, family, and on special occasions. A gin that can become part of your life’s happiest moments.

Natural ingredients

You have to taste it, to appreciate the combinations of flavors and botanicals. But it is, rest assured, unlike anything else you have tasted before.

Delivery to your door

Buy now. Get Quokka delivered to your doorsteps.


Become a member and be a part of our Happiness Club. Get exclusive offers, punch cards, and birthday discounts on our two-bottle pack by becoming a member today. 

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