Our Story

Celebrate happy moments with every sip of Quokka.

We created Quokka to create happy moments, promote happiness and build a community of happy and optimistic people. Quokka is the name of the world's happiest animal. When people see the name, sip the gin - we want them to smile and reflect on how great their life is. 

The recipe was designed to make it the world's best-tasting gin. The world's top bartenders and tastemakers were involved in the product development phase by Sid Patel, the founder of Quokka and Beverage Trade Network. - “ I wanted to make sure I involve the trade in the recipe and get a product that they would all score 100 points. Until then, we kept working on it. I wanted to make a gin that shows top quality. 

Sid Patel, Founder of Quokka- “I want to make this as a home drink that you enjoy yourself and reflect or you share with friends. Sunset. Deck. Pool. Dinner party. Friends playing boardgame and having a drink and after a day's work, with friends chatting and sipping Quokka”.

The idea behind creating Quokka Gin was - When you see Quokka, you know it is from excellent professionals that understand the spirits market and have been in the game for 20 years, so product quality is top-notch, and consumers can be certain of that. The Quokka team created the gin to produce more joyful times. The flavor of Quokka is so pleasant that you'll want to take another sip as soon as you can, and that was the goal I was aiming for, said Sid Patel, the founder of Quokka. He said, "Like with delicious food, I want people to feel what they just tasted after the first sip before connecting with our goal of promoting happiness."